World Book Day

I’m an avid reader. Growing up I devoured works like Tolkien, Pratchett, Feist and Eddings- stories full of tension and heroics that let me glimpse, for a little while, another world that exists only in the heads of those that

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Founders Day- Programme idea

Feb 22nd is Founders day- the day Scouts celebrate Scouting on the birthday of our founder- Lord Robert Baden-Powell. Hundreds of thousands of people have joined Scouting in that time and we owe him so much for the influence he has

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Programme Idea- Cave Rescue

A couple of weeks ago we did a Cave Rescue simulation. It’s an interesting exercise in seeing what your young people value and admire and how they make decisions. This is a team based activity, suitable for Scouts and Explorers.

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Project Pads

There’s a truism that seems counter-intuitive that states “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.” ‘Wouldn’t you want to instead give it to the person with more time on their hands?’ you might ask. It’s

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We all need ethical role models

Who do you most admire? Be it a celebrity, a colleague, a family member, whoever.   Many leaders give little thought to having a role model, regarding it a quality that our youth members aspire to, however if you stop

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Christmas Countdown

It’s just one more week till Christmas and it’s time to kick back and relax. Yeah right. There’s no rest for a Scouter! A little filler for you to try either at home or at your group though are these

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Going Digital or shouting in the dark?

So it’s always the question when you put things down on a blog. How do you know the carefully crafted words you’ve put on your page are being read and causing people to think and how much is shouting into

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