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Traditions are worth keeping alive!

“Anything done more than once is a tradition” Old Scouting Poverb   Traditions are hugely important in Scouting. From the Grand Howl to our Scouting Promise, we carry these traditions proudly to remind us where we came from and the

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Simple Hovercraft Programme idea

Simple programme idea for a section night. You will need (per person) An old/useless cd A sports cap from a drinking bottle A balloon Either 8″ of duct tape or a hot glue gun Simply stick or glue the sports

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This is why Scout parents don’t like me!

Take a drinking straw and flatten the top inch of one end Then cut the flattened tip to a point to make a reed. Thinner, shorter straws give a higher note than fatter or longer ones. Cut them short to

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Quick programme idea

One of the most common problems I see with walking routes or expedition plans is forgetting to build in extra time for hills. Why not help build a picture of how the land lies with 3d maps? Simply stick copies

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Feeling Frosty!

Winter camping is huge fun. But it takes different preparation to summer camps to stay warm. Here are my top tips for staying warm on Winter Camp. Start the day right A good breakfast is essential. You'll burn off more

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If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Planning a programme for Scouting is a constant challenge. How do you create a programme thats fun, challenging and engaging, but doesn’t take night after night of planning? It’s in the doing, not the thinking about doing! Hopefully these few

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