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Christmas Countdown

It’s just one more week till Christmas and it’s time to kick back and relax. Yeah right. There’s no rest for a Scouter! A little filler for you to try either at home or at your group though are these

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Going Digital or shouting in the dark?

So it’s always the question when you put things down on a blog. How do you know the carefully crafted words you’ve put on your page are being read and causing people to think and how much is shouting into

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A Million Hands

UK Scouting launched this summer the Million Hands campaign. The aim is to have Scouting make a difference in your local, national and international communities tackling four very serious issues chosen directly by youth members of Scouting. The issues the

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Sometimes it is the journey that is important, not the destination.

Down the east coast of Japan trails the East Sea Road, known as the Tokaido, linking the spiritual capital of Kyoto to the political capital in Tokyo, once known as Edo. The 500km Tokaido was the most important of the

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Why should companies support local Scouting?

If you want to successfully run adventurous and engaging activities for Scouting, with equipment that’s well maintained and safe, in an environment that’s pleasant to be in, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it can’t come for

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A Scout has courage in all difficulties

I don’t make blog posts about big issues outside Scouting a lot, but there’s something I need to say regarding Charlie Hebdo. God knows I have little in common with the folks who died. I doubt we’d have agreed vast

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