Why should companies support local Scouting?

If you want to successfully run adventurous and engaging activities for Scouting, with equipment that’s well maintained and safe, in an environment that’s pleasant to be in, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it can’t come for free. Whilst subscription fees go a long way towards it, the easier we can make it for Scouting to be accessible and affordable for all, the better.

So to help with fundraising and engaging with local companies to help you with those efforts, here’s five great reasons that companies should help you in supporting local Scouting, for you to use directly in communications with them

  • Limited companies pay less Corporation Tax when giving to charity by deducting the value of donations from total business profits before paying tax. [1]
  • Sole traders/Partnerships can donate in a similar way- You’ll need to keep a record of your donations if you want to take them off your total taxable income. Better yet, you can opt to register your donation for Gift Aid and let the charity benefit from the tax relief for your donation. [2]
  • You’re helping support local youth development whose aims include ‘developing young people as productive members of their local, national and international communities’. These same local youths and their families are your customers and this is a chance to use this support as part of your marketing strategy to engage with them directly.
  • Cash donations are great- they can be put straight to use in helping support the cause- but your donation doesn’t need to be in cash- if you donate equipment, stock for prizes or employees to help on fund raisers, each of these can qualify for the same tax advantages as a cash donation.
  • It’s a positive news story within and outside your company. Leaders at groups are in touch with your local Scout media teams- they’re more than happy to produce press releases and utilise our strong social media contacts nationwide to shout out about any support that can be offered. @UKScouting has nearly 40,000 Twitter followers nationwide with a retweet range in the millions. And given that over 75% of people are more likely to buy the products and speak positively about companies and brands that actively support good causes [3], that’s a big deal!


[1] https://www.gov.uk/tax-limited-company-gives-to-charity/overview

[2] https://www.gov.uk/donating-to-charity

[3] Edelman Good Purpose Report 2013- http://purpose.edelman.com/what-it-means-2013-positive-outlook-social-purpose/

Dan is a Scouter in Sheffield and the very proud leader of Norfolk District Explorers. When not running the Explorers, he also runs the group website, is the Assistant GSL, County Brand Adviser, Exec Member and Young Leader Co-Ordinator. Somewhere in the middle of all that he finds time for a full time job, wife and daughter. Dan and Becki met through Scouting together and she is more understanding than most about the adventures and mud!

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